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Top Tips for a Healthy Heart

What is National Heart Month?

Each February different health organisations, such as The British Heart Foundation and Heart Research UK, celebrate National Heart Month, an annual UK event which aims to raise awareness about heart diseases and encourage people to look after their hearts. It helps people understand how to keep healthy and stay informed about the risks of heart-related conditions.

To mark National Heart Month, we’ve put together some expert tips on how to keep your heart healthy:

Did you know?

Heart and circulatory diseases are an umbrella term for all diseases of the heart and circulation. It includes everything from conditions that are inherited, to those that develop later, such as coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, stroke, and vascular dementia.

British Heart Foundation statistics reveal that:

  • There are around 7.6 million people living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK

  • Around 4 million males and 3.6 million females are living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK

  • We estimate that in the UK more than half of us will get a heart condition in our lifetime

  • Heart and circulatory diseases cause a quarter of all deaths in the UK; that's more than 160,000 deaths each year – or one death every three minutes

How can you keep your heart healthy?

Making good lifestyle choices is the best way to improve your hearts health and keep it healthy. To reduce the risk of developing heart-related problems, you can:

  • Keep a balanced healthy diet

  • Maintain an optimal blood pressure

  • Keep your cholesterol and TG (triglycerides) under control

  • Practice regular exercise, and avoid smoking and drinking

  • Manage stress

At The London House of Wellbeing we offer full screening tests for blood glucose and cholesterol, which when managed and controlled can lead to a healthy heart. We also offer expert advice on leading a healthy lifestyle, managing stress and overall wellbeing.

Please get in touch through our website and book yourself in with one of our experienced pharmacists. Or give us a call - we look forward to welcoming you!

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