The London House of Wellbeing is a screening service that allows you to have direct access to specific health tests. The health tests are conducted and results interpreted by pharmacist while you wait.


The idea was borne out of a desire to enable people to be in control of their own health.

As well as this, we felt that people may not like attending or have easy access to GP's surgeries. A pharmacist will carry out the tests and interpret the results. It must be stated the tests only give an indication of an ailment. It is not a substitute for seeing a Doctor. However your Doctor will be notified of the results if consent is given to do so.


We wanted the screening to take place in a unique environment that is both warm and friendly. An environment not normally associated with the health sector. Our interiors whilst remaining professional, mimic the interior of a person’s home. Hence the referral to the ‘house’ of Wellbeing.


We feel that by offering people a bespoke service to their health needs we are revolutionising the way health screening can be accessed.


We want to change the way people think of their health needs and actively seek out a screening service that makes them aware of health issues they may have. We should have a preventative approach to health and not an reactionary one.




We want to change the way people think of their health needs by actively seeking out a screening service that makes them aware of any health issues they may have.


We want people to start having a preventative approach to their health and not a reactionary one. We want people to take back control of their health.



The vision of The London House Of Wellbeing is to start this process and make it a reality.


Deloitte - 2019 Global Health Care Outlook - Shaping The Future

....all Healthcare stakeholders need to actively participate in shaping the future by shifting focus away from a system of sick care in which we treat patients after they fall ill to one of healthcare which supports  wellbeingprevention and early intervention.

Global Top Health Industry Issues : Defining the healthcare of the future

...some healthcare consumers are starting to demand a positive individualised customer experience, but health organisations are struggling to deliver...one in four global consumers surveyed by PwC Health Research Institute would be willing to receive  care in a non-traditional setting. These consumers want a healthcare experience that mirrors the convenience and transparency of their experience in banking, retail and other industries.

Department of Health & Social Care: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The document sets out a vision for putting prevention at the heart of our nations health... We all have a role to play: as individuals and families, the health and social care system, national and local government and wider society. Only by working together can this vision become reality.


As a result of you having a health screening you are also enabling
someone in the local community to have a health screening for free.
The London House Of Wellbeing will work alongside local charities, who will be directing the most vulnerable and fragile members of the Herne Hill community to use the screening services provided


Every quarter we will publish the number of patients that we have screened as a result of local charity referrals. As well as this an annual report will summarise all the health issues that have been identified and treated accordingly.