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Why It's Less About Being Skinny And More About Being Healthy

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Don’t aim for skinny, aim for healthy —exercise, eat whole foods, and indulge every once in awhile because it’s all about balance and self-love.

It's almost impossible to log onto social media without being bombarded by weight loss tips. From “the military diet” to Kylie Jenner advertising “fit tea,” these recommendations catch our eyes by banking on our insecurities.

In fact, every time we see these promises to make people skinny being advertised, we can't help but feel a great deal of frustration—because it makes people focus on being skinny when the focus should always be on being healthy.

We want nothing more than for people to know how dangerous this mindset is, not least because it's one seriously slippery that can lead to far more serious problems down the road.

So the next time you see the “military diet” pop up on Facebook and Instagram, you're right to feel uneasy. You're looking at a 3-day regimen that promises ten pound weight loss by eating only 1,000-1,400 a day. That is not healthy. That's not enough to help your body survive, and in all honesty, unless you keep up with the diet longer than 3 days - which you definitely should not - you a) won't lose any weight, b) will put all the weight back regardless and c) will put your health in harms way.

But it's not just that — things like the military diet also encourage dangerous behaviour.

It causes people to unhealthily fixated on their weight. It encourages people to exercise excessively while eating the bare minimum, and the result is usually a messed up relationship with food.

Because even when you do become incredibly healthy - running lots and eating good whole foods - the number on the scale can still triggered you, no matter the number. But it's not about the number on a scale, or calorie counting or anything like that because they don't give you an accurate insight into your actual health. Avocados are incredibly high in fat, but it's good fat, the kind your body needs. Yet, we've seen it time and again: people who are the most healthiest they have ever been, able to run for miles, enjoying a balanced diet of healthy foods, and surrounded by positive people to keep them happy - but seeing the scales say they are "heavy" made them want to sink back into all their old, bad habits.

What we’re saying is this: that your fixation on being skinny instead of healthy can ruin both your self-confidence and your health. So instead of going on diets, taking food supplement pills and not eating as a way to become skinny, try to focus on the fact you are fuelling yourself with healthy foods that will keep you revitalised.

Food is not evil. Not even foods high in natural fat. Food is fuel. And you need a sufficient balanced diet to keep yourself running throughout the day, otherwise your body starts to suffer, maybe even going into starvation mode where it will cling onto every calorie as your metabolism slows down.

So focus on being healthy. You need to eat. You need a lifestyle that combines healthy foods with exercise. You need a diet of leafy greens, lean proteins, whole grains, and fruit. There is no magic tea or pill that is going to make you lose weight faster, it's a product of hard work and loving yourself.

And you need to understand that being skinny is not the same thing as being healthy. That's because healthy comes in all shapes and sizes - there is no cookie cutter image you have to force yourself to fit in. Don't deprive your body of the nutrients it needs and don’t permanently damage yourself over peace of mind you’ll never get. You won't be happy or healthy until you learn to accept yourself for who you are was and start treating yourself with care.

So don’t aim for skinny, aim for healthy —exercise, eat whole foods, and indulge every once in awhile because it’s all about balance and self-love.

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