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Why you need to speed up your metabolism to lose weight sustainably

Looking to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in 2023? You need to speed up your metabolism!

We’re excited to be kicking off January with a fantastic guest blog from Yasmine – Founder and Personal Trainer at Shorty Gains . Read on to find out how to lose weight sustainably!

Metabolism and weight loss explained

Often when we hear the word ‘metabolism’, we think of it as something fixed that we were born with, or maybe something that changes with age - something we have no control over.

But metabolism is more complex than just having a “fast” or “slow” one. And you do have some control over how fast it is.

The faster your metabolism is, the easier it becomes to lose weight without having to restrict your calories.

This is because 70% of your total daily energy expenditure (the number of calories your body burns per day including your activity levels) is made up of your Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories your body burns at rest i.e., not doing anything.

This means that most of the calories you burn every day are burned at rest, not during exercise.

Why you need to speed up your metabolism

So, by increasing your BMR (i.e. speeding up your metabolism), you can significantly increase how many calories your body burns naturally, thus making it easier to enter a calorie deficit without needing to reduce your food intake.

A calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss, and this is the most efficient and sustainable way to achieve one.

So how do we increase our BMR and the speed of our metabolism?

There are three key pillars we need to focus on:
  • BUILDING MUSCLE through strength training: more muscle mass = faster metabolism.

  • OPTIMISING NUTRITION: a protein-forward diet and ensuring a balance of macronutrients on your plate.

  • ENHANCING LIFESTYLE: increasing your step count, improving sleep, and reducing stress levels.

Don’t miss out Health Chat event!

If you want to know more about how to speed up your metabolism to eat more food and lose weight sustainably in 2023, come to our health chat on 20th January 2023!

Yasmine will be hosting a Health Chat on Metabolism at 4.30pm on Wednesday 25th January 2023. Pop along & see her in person!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Yasmine - Founder & Personal Trainer at Shorty Gains.
Yasmine - Founder & Personal Trainer at Shorty Gains.

Hey! My name is Yasmine, I am ex-dancer, qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach and I support women through my online nutrition and training programs to lose excess fat and tone up (gain muscle) and keep it that way! We do this by building lean muscle mass through strength-training in order to speed up the metabolism and naturally increase the number of calories your body burns at rest. This means less calorie restriction, less exhausting cardio and more confidence! The ultimate empowering approach to fat loss!

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