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How To Keep Your Vitamin D, Iron and Thyroid In Check – Expert Tips

Updated: Mar 3

Have you ever wondered how to keep your body at its very best?

Well, the secret is…it relies on specific key vitamins and minerals. From superfoods to sunshine, there are many things you can be doing to make sure you’re getting enough and keeping your body in check.

Let’s dive into the world of vitamins and minerals – the unsung heroes that keep the body doing what it does best!

Today we’re shining the spotlight on the terrific trio – Vitamin D, Iron and Thyroid.

The boss of bone health – Vitamin D. It’s essential for regulating calcium and phosphate levels to keep your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.

In the summer, the sun shines on us with Vitamin D. But as the gloomy winter months rolls around, you’ll need a boost. Vitamin D can instead be found in oily fish, liver, red meat, egg yolks and fortified foods – perfect for those who are sun-shy or with darker skin tones.

Maintaining a sufficient Vitamin D intake through diet alone can be tricky, so try supplements! We recommend The Solgar Vitamin D3 tablets, but make sure you book a blood test before jumping into taking these.

Deficient in Vitamin D? There are risks of bone deformities such as Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adults. However, finding the right amount is vital as too much Vitamin D can cause nausea, muscle weakness and dehydration. So, make sure to know how much you’re taking.

Now onto the powerhouse mineral, Iron plays an important role in the making of red blood cells which have the responsibility of carrying oxygen around the body.

Fuel up on foods like red meat, liver, beans, nuts, dried fruit, and fortified foods - a feast for your blood cells. Especially for the ladies who lose a lot of blood during their monthly periods. So, load up on the iron and keep the energy flowing.

But beware of what iron deficiency can bring, it’s not pleasant - dizziness, rapid heartbeats, fatigue, headaches, and paleness. It’s generally an easy fix however, whether that be adding more iron-rich foods into your diet or a few added supplements.

Thinking of taking Iron supplements? We recommend the Floradix Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula, but don’t take too much…it could be harmful, leading to constipation, sickness, and stomach pain. They’re a quick fix but not for long! Too much Iron is just as bad as too little.

Iron and Vitamin D are closely related – a deficit in Vitamin D may cause deterioration of Iron availability. So, we recommend a blood test for your Vitamin D levels before getting all wrapped up in improving your iron levels. Fixing one deficit may just fix both!

Finally, the Thyroid gland. Located in the neck, at the front of the windpipe where it plays a massive part in the endocrine system. It produces the power duo hormones; T3 and T4 regulating the body’s metabolism – that’s responsible for turning food into energy.

When these hormone levels drop, it’s a problem! It can change the way the body processes fat causing issues like high cholesterol and arteries blockages. So, if you are you feeling tired, experiencing sudden weight loss or weight gain, mood swings or insomnia. Then get your thyroid checked.

Blood tests are the most effective way to measure hormone levels which will give an indication that the thyroid gland is working correctly. Thyroid action is prone to change throughout your life, particularly in women going through perimenopause, suffering from medical conditions, taking medication high in iodine or those who have had thyroid treatment for previous thyroid conditions or cancer.

The most effective way to prevent this is to have a glimpse into your hormone levels and ensure your thyroid is up to scratch on its metabolic mission.

Book in at The London House of Wellbeing Clinic for an appointment for personalised supplement recommendations/to book an appointment.

Libby Adler (@foodwithlib)

A food blog by an aspiring nutritionist, food product developer and marketer. Sharing fun, creative content on recipe development, restaurant reviews, cuisine critiquing and health and wellbeing.

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