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Health MOT

It’s a New Year! Is it also time for a new you?

Why not start with a ‘Health MOT’ and get yourself off to a great start this year.

Here @thelondonhouseofwellbeing we want to start the New Year with you taking control of your health.

Pop along and see us for a New Year Special Offer for a personal Health Check that includes;

1. Glucose Test (for Diabetes)

Checking blood sugar levels helps to determine if you are meeting your glucose target which helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of low and high blood sugar levels (avoid diabetes and long term diabetes complications).

2. Cholesterol Test

A Cholesterol check up can help identify how likely you are to develop a heart disease in the next 10 years and may help you to prevent it.

3. Blood Pressure

A blood pressure check up can let you know whether your blood pressure is too low or too high. Too high blood pressure can indicate your risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

4. BMI measurement

A BMI check up can let you know whether your underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. This will give you an idea where you are in terms of being healthy or at risk for diseases that can occur with more body fat.

Call us today to book yours now! 020 7733 0932

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