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Dry January

Is your relationship with alcohol something to question? Have you thought once or twice that you may be drinking too much, or too often? Then maybe Dry January is something you might want to try along with millions of others, in both the U.K. and U.S. It takes only three weeks to break a habit, why not use this opportunity to reset your relationship with alcohol.

Many participants, 86% to be exact, find that they save money, 70% of participants sleep better and 66% have more energy.

Read Brooke’s testimonial below on her participation in the ‘Alcohol Change’ dry january challenge.

“I've struggled with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and fatigue for a long, long time now. Since staying sober, I've slept amazingly every night in January! I've also been so motivated that I've started going to the gym and my diet has also improved massively. My anxiety barely creeps in any more and I feel amazing (so does my bank account). Doing Dry January has taught me how to respect my body, and that alcohol isn't what it needs. Given, on social occasions I will be having a drink but no more booze after work for me!”

If you found Brooke’s experience relatable and would like to know how you could prepare, we’ve put 5 tips below to help you get started;

-Throw it away

Keep it out of sight, this is a great way to prevent temptation!

-Make a plan for situations where alcohol is on offer

Having a plan before attending social gatherings where alcohol is present will prepare you when the time comes. Consider alcohol-free alternatives, opting for a soda and lime or being ready to say no.

-Treat yourself

What to do with the money you would’ve saved? Use it on something you like, a box of chocolates or tickets to watch a show.

-Assemble your support

Let those closest to you know that you're participating in Dry January, so that they can be mindful and supportive. Join a facebook community if physical support is not an option and receive encouragement from hundreds of people.

-Fill the gap with fun stuff

This could be a great opportunity to start a new hobby, socialise and change up your routine. Why not use some of your savings on taking a few language classes, or purchasing guitar lessons.

Have you participated in ‘Dry January’? Or will this year be your first? Let us know in the comments.

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